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This page is for those who came to my graphic shop before, and want to jump right to the new things ^_^.
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What's New for er..November?

11/14/99: As ya'll probably noticed I haven't updated my page for a long time ^^;;. Most of it is due to the lack of interests I have in making Sailormoon grafix -_-, and I'm pretty busy with school. So I probably won't update this site anymore. I will be making a new web site teachin ya'll how to make web grafix, or more specifically SAILORMOON grafix ^_^. I don't know when this website will go online (not very soon anywayz -_-;;). But, as soon as my website is up, I will make an announcement on this site tellin u ppl about it. I wanna thank all my visitors, and no, I will not shut this site down (so HA! for you ppl who wantz to see me shut down my site :p :p :p) I will not, however, make any banner, backgrounds, etc requests. So please don't email me about it, and if u do, it will be deleted without an reply ^^. Okie, I guess that's about it, bye!

What's New for August?

8/04/99: Sorry for the lack of updatez, it's just dat I've been tryin to get the whole "feel" of summer vacation (no school, no updating mah page, etc.). Well...back 2 da updatez, I've added 12 new bannerz, I hope u like 'em ^_^.

What's New for June?

6/20/99: Happy Father's Day!!! I made this update in honor of my father, whom, in my opinion is the most wonderful person on earth ^__^. I think ya'll should do something nice for your fathers, so I added a post office with CUSTOMIZED cards to my page ^^, and since it's Father's Day; I added a 2 Father's Day cards for ya'll to send to your fathers ^o^! I got an wonderful award from Anna, thank u soooo much! Also, I added a new tracker to my page cuz the other one's dead ;_;. It's from Site Meter.

6/08/99: Well...not a big update, but I resized all of mah guestbook card maps ^^;;, I just realize that they're too big -_-;;! Also, a note on the, "Get paid by surfing da web ^.^!!!" thing I put on mah front page. Iz just thiz koolie service that pays ya when you go online, and refer it to other people :p. Everyone please join *hehe* ^_^!!!!!!!

What's New for May?

5/28/99: Today's my birday (I'm 14 now ^__^), so I decided to add 3 pˇkemon wallpapers. They're originally for one of my friends, but I decided 2 share it with ya'll ^_^. NEwayz, I hope you enjoy 'em.

5/25/99: Happy Birthday to Amy (mah best buddie), I wish ya da best of luck on yer b-day ^_^, and keep on drawing!!! Don't 4get me when you get famous :p :p!!! Now, on to the updates, in honor of Amy's b-day, I bring u, DA WALLPAPERZ!!! *Hehe* I've spend A LOT of time on making these wallpapers, and I really hope u like 'em ^__^. And PLLLEEEZZZ everyone participate in the poll on mah message board. Thankiez!!!

5/18/99: Just a quick poll in the message board on what should I make more of (backgrounds, banners, etc.) Everyone please, please participate^_^! Also, thankiez 2 everyone who posted on mah message board, although there aren't too many of u ^^;;.

5/02/99: Yippee! I got a messagie board! YAY!!! Feel free to post your messagez ^_^!!!

What's New for April?

4/28/99: Yay yay! I've added 14 new different kinds of video, chibi senshi buttons, that could also be used as linking buttons, too ^o^!!! I think they all look really kawaii ^^! Also, I've added 14 new animated linking buttons, so ya'll could link me *BWAHAHAHAH* :p!

4/21/99: Nuttin really big, but I've changed the border backgrounds, so you could see what it looks like tiled ^_^, I also won another award.

4/06/99: I'm happy to say that I've opened a new section for my graphic shop, it's called "Blah." This section is my rants section, but since I'm into page building, my rants are mostly 'bout page building (of course ^_^).

What's New for March?

3/22/99: Yippe!!! A new sm page reviewer S.T.A.R. reviewed my page!!! And also give me an award ^_^! You could read the review over here.

3/11/99: I added 3 more new gb image maps, and also added a new little banner that you could link me with (hey! I wuz bored -.-!). One more thing, e-mail me ppl! I love getting e-mails from you guyz ^_^! E-mail me with anything (comments, suggestions, flames, wuteva!) Just e-mail me!!! Or, sign my guestbook!!!

3/5/99:Yay! I added 13 new fontz! Check them out @ Fontz1, Fontz2, and Fontz3. And I won two more awardz! O yea! Almost forgot Click here to see them ^o^.

What's New For February?

2/28/99: I added a Banner Book for people to add their bannerz! Click here to see it. Also, I won a award from Beckie, it's over here ^o^.

2/23/99: Finally, I got everything back in track so I made a new layout for my page. So...you like?

2/19/99: Yay!!! My little SM graphic shop has reached its 1000 hits. I wanna thank all my visitors, love ya'll and please come back to visit my page ^_-! I also want to apologize for the lack of updating and adding new graphix, it's just cuz I lost everything (yup, I do mean EVERTHING) on my computer =(, and I had problems with my Paint Shop Pro. Don't worry, as soon as I get everything back together (hopefully soon ^_^) I'll add tons of graphix!

2/8/99: Won 2 more awards, both are from Lycentia. Click here to see it ^_^.

2/4/99: Added a button that you could link me with ^__^. Won an award from the SM Zone (one of my fav. SM sites). Click here to see it.

2/3/99: Started the What's New Page ^_^. Add a new animation page, right now, I only have 10 animations, but more will be added soon. I also added a new navigition bar in the front page (hopefully it'll make you browse the pages quicklier and easier, which I doubted.) For ya'll out there that can't see the navigational bar, I also have the links beneath it. Personally, I just think it looks professional (or maybe not ^_~).