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Awards Logo

Here are the awards that I won. I wanna thank everyone who has kindly given an award to me (you people have good taste! j/k ^_~).

Award for the Great Page


Angie's Sailor Moon Page
This is the first award (1/12/99) that I won *tears of joy running down my face*. Thanx Angie for the award ^_^. *sniff* Anyone got tissues???

Yay!!! another one (1/14/99), the special part about this award is that I didn't even apply for it ^_^!!! Thanx for the award Tara, how do ya know my fav. senshi is Mercury =)!!??

I just love this award (1/23/99), it looks sooooo cute ^^, thank you S.M.R.C. for the award!!!

Excellence from Pretty Soldier Paradise
YAY!!! Thank you Pretty Soldier Paradise for the award (1/27/99), I really appriciated ^_^!!!

Wow! This award (2/3/99) has my site's name on it (I feel sooooo special ^_^!). Thank you Rita for the cool award!

This award (2/6/99) meant A LOT to me, cuz it's from The SM Zone. I always admired this page, and getting an award from it just makes me feel sooooo happy ^_^!!!

Page 2 of Awards ^_^!

#1 Asian entertainment store!!