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Awards Logo

Here are more awards that I won. Special thanks to everyone who has given me an award ^0^!

Lycentia's Award For A Kawaii Site Lycentia's Award For A Great Gallery
Two for me! None for you ^_^. Hehe, anyways thank you Lycentia for the two kawaiiiiiii awards!!!

Wow thanx Beckie! Can't believe I could get an award (2/28/99) for just helping ya out o_o!

Thank you Rei for the award (3/4/99) ^_^! Really appreciated!

Sailor Moon's Garden Site of Beauty Award
Sailor Moons Garden
Proudly gives This Award To Cooki0005's Sm Graphic Shop

Thank you Sailor Moon's Graden for the beautiful award (3/4/99)! It's just sooooo very purty ^_^!

O my gosh! My page has been reviewed by S.T.A.R.. Read the review here. Arigato (hehe... I'm speaking Japanese) Usagi-star ^o^!!!

Thankiez 2 Starlight for da award ^_^!


Award for the Beautiful Webpage Design

The Beautiful Webpage Design award given by Anna'S Sailor Moon Gallery

Thank ya soooo very much Anna, for thiz beautiful award!!!!!!

#1 Asian entertainment store!!