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Byee Xoom!

Personally, it just bites when ya have to more your your page, and change a lot of things like the URL on your tracker, counter, and the banners, of course there's also other things -_-. I really used to like Xoom, since there is no banners, pop-up ads, or anything for that matter, but now, as you notice, there is a ugly ass bar on top of EVERY one of my page, and it's really pissing me off!!! But now Xoom offers "unlimited space," well, guess what, I don't need "unlimited space," just a nice provider with no banners, pop-up ads. I know that you're probably wondering why I choose tripod since they put a pop-up ad on your page, too. But after testing, I realized, that if ya just minimize the banner, it won't pop up again ^o~. I don't know if it works with all browsers, but it seem to work with my browser, which is IE ^_^. One thing that I will definately miss about xoom is (there are nice things 'bout Xoom, too O_O) that the no direct linking to files in Xoom. It makes mean, self-centered, lazy people who link to my files have a nice little Xoom logo on their page ^_~. Okie, I guess that all I have to say 'bout this move (did ya fell asleep yet?) Ciaooo Xoom, I won't miss ya (okie, so maybe a little) :p!!!