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This is no boring history class, just a really boring history on my page (that sounded corny didn't it :p?)

My page didn't start as a SM graphic shop at first, and Tripod wasn't my first webpage host either ^^;;. It all started when one of my friends built a webpage. Eventhough it wasn't very pleasant looking, but I was VERY suprised at this whole free homepage thing, and my friend's ability to build a webpage O_o! So I decided to try it too. I learned that in order to built a homepage, it's very important to know a language called HTML, and so I surfed the net to find pages that teaches HTML ^_^. To my joy I find a WONDERFUL page that teaches HTML to not so smart people like me, and the name of that page is HTML Goodies. And from that time on I learned HTML, and find these two little thingies "<" and ">" can do A LOT of stuff. And that you actually could write HTML using the Notepad in windows!!! My first page was built in Geocities. It's just one of those general SM pages (the ones with the stats, an image gallery, and a voting booth). It mainly consists of animated gifs, scrolling java scripts, midis (I had a hard time learning how to put that on a page, too -_-;;), image maps, and lotz and lotz of adopted pets. Here is a model of it, it's not EXACTLY like the original, but VERY close. And damn was I ever so proud of myself ^^;;! In fact, I even showed ALL my friends my page. I guess they were all proud of me, too ^^. Some of them even started their own page ^_^! I admired Apatt from the SM Toolbox, and I took lotz web page image from there (with credit of course). That all stopped when I learned 'bout a great, wonderful, kick @$$, program called Paint Shop Pro ^^. I downloaded and learned how to make images with it. I remember I was sooooo happy when I did my first image map, and replaced Apatt's guestbook image map with the one I made *hehe*. Then I made more images for my site, and finally replaced lotz of other people's images with mine (o '_' o). Then I discovered Xoom. I really liked geocities' user friendly service, but that darn pop-up aid was getting on my nerves x_x!!!

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