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cool sites!!!

Here are my friends' sites and some very cool SM sites that I find over the web

  • The SM Zone This is the best SM site ever in my opinion. It has ALOT of stuff in there including a Sailormoon Toolbox which teaches how to build a homepage.
  • Janice's Sailor Moon Page This page has a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE collection of transparent gifs that you could use for your homepage.
  • Bianaca's Sailor Moon Gallery This page has a very BIG collection of Sailor Moon pictures.
  • Serenity This wonderful site offers some very, very nicely done webgraphics, and also some desktop goodies, a must see if you're looking for graphics ^_^!!!
  • Icesenshi's Lake of Illusions Sailor Mercury iz my fav. senshi, and that's the reason I adore this page! The layout iz beautiful, and the webmistress's articles are very well written. Go check it out!
  • LadyWren's Sailor Moon Webpage Goodies Another great page for web goodies (I guess you should tell by the name). Very cool.
  • Sailormoon CyberCity Just LOVE this page!!! Especially because it has a very cool Sailor Mercury (my favorite senshi) Shrine, and it's really a city, too! It has a park, a museum, a station, and a mall (I LOVE SHOPPING!^_-)
  • How to Draw Sailor Moon Wanna learn how to draw Sailor Moon??? Then visit this site!
  • Anna'S SaiLoR MoOn GaLLeRy Very nice site!!! It has a lot of REALLY pretty backgrounds which makes me REALLY JEALOUS!!! ^_^
  • Free Sailor Moon Graphic Society Another great, great free grafix page ^_^! Unlike other free graphix page, and mine ^^;, this page has a special tutorial section. Hate to admit, but that's where I learned how to do border backgroundz and transparent gifz ^_^! Definately worth a visit o.o!
  • team. venus This page iz just sooo neat! It's of course another free graphic page 0_0! There's also some very nicely done corner backgroundz!!!
  • S.T.A.R. Sailormoon Tips and Reviews O my god O_O, a new review page!!! Thanx god there's no "bad" or "ugly" pages ^_-! This page iz very informative and it's NEWWW!!! Plus, you could nominate your own page ^_^!
  • Lycentia's Sm Graphics Shop This page is full of web goodies like backgrounds, guestbook graphics, buttons and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!
  • This site is non-anime but that's where I learned my HTML. I know I'm not a good example, but if you're thinking of making a homepage or you're making one, you gotta check this site out! Trust me!
  • YesAsia The #1 Asian entertainment store ^_^!!! Great place to get anime vcd's, manga, and asian cd's. They have a huge selection! Please support my site by buying from there, thank you ^_^.

#1 Asian entertainment store!!

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