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The Banner Book Logo

Do you have a banner and want me to advertise for ya??? If you don't have one yet, please go to this page to get one. Or if you don't know how to make one, go to this page ^_^, pick a banner that you want, and e-mail me with what you want ^_^. Click here to add your banner to The Banner Book , and click here to see banners that has been added ^_^.

Here how to paste a banner if ya don't know, just copy the code below, add your own info, paste it on my Banner Book, and TAAADAAAA, a banner will magically appear on my banner book O_O! Isn't that cool ^_^!!!???

Here is the code, don't forget to type in YOUR info where it's red!

<A HREF="your page's URL here ( "><IMG SRC="the URL where your banner image is located (" width="the width of your banner, optional but help it loads faster ^_^ " height="the height of your banner, optional like the width" alt="The name of your page here ^_^" BORDER="0"></A>

#1 Asian entertainment store!!