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    Banners are very important on advertising for your site. I don't know about you, but if I see an attractive banner, I would definately click on it, and check out that site. And if I see a HUGE, crappy banner posted on a page or a guestbook, I wouldn't really click on that, since I feel that if the banner is bad, that page must be very sucky, too. A very nice looking banner, if posted, should bring a lot of hits to that site, and the opposite goes with an ugly banner.

     A good banner's size shouldn't be really big, 468x60 or 468x70 is good, but more than that is a little too big ^^;;. Below are 2 examples of 468x60, and 468x70.



    Text color on a banner should match with the overall color of the banner, not pink with green or yellow with purple -_-;;. One thing to remember is that white always match with every color, so if ya can't find anything to match the color with, then use white ^_^. Black could match with everycolor, too, but making all text on a banner black seems pretty dull. There are 3 examples below:

DO NOT match!



    As I said before, all black text is boring, and you should also use a good font when making your banner ^_^.

boring text, boring color -_-zZzZ
The text on this banner is black (which does not match with the pink banner), the text used is arial (a formal, but boring font).

nice color, nice font ^_^
The text on this banner is done in 3 different colors, but they all has a pink tone to it which matches the banner. The text I used is Kinkie, a nice cute font which matches Chibi Chibi ^_^. But, the URL on the page is arial cuz if I do the URL in a fancy font, it wouldn't show well in small sizes ^o^.

    Last thing, DO NOT use the paint program in windows to do your banner, a good program to use would be Paint Shop Pro (that's what I use), and if ya really don't know how to make a banner, you could always ask me, hehe, for help. Also, your banner should include your page's title (mine is Cooki0005's SM Graphic Shop), and the URL of your page (mine is

Good luck on making your banner ^o^!!!!!

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